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“I have been recommended RL360 PIMS account. If I open it through your network, what enhancement do I qualify for?”
“I have been recommended a Lombard account but it seems expensive. Can you suggest any alternative options?”
“I want to invest in the platforms for tax efficiency but I want to make my own investment decisions. Can I do that?”
“I have an Old Mutual European Executive Investment Bond. Can I transfer my shares into the bond and if i did would i still receive an enhancement?”

"Can you provide an execution only service to reduce the overall costs?"

Discount Investment Offer via the myexpatmoney Preferred Provider Network 

Thinking of investing into a lump sum investment with Skandia, Generali, Friends Provident, Lombard, STM, Old Mutual, RL360, Capital international or similar? Then send us an enquiry because our preferred network of independent, regulated and qualified advisers are ready to help with an exclusive bonus offer for clients referred by myexpatmoney

Our preferred network offer enhancements of up to 3% additional investment into your executive investment bond at the outset. So you invest £250,000 and have up to £257,500 available for investment on day 1. You can also choose to reduce your fee structure with the provider instead of taking the bonus payments which can save as much as 0.4% per annum.

So why go anywhere else?

Find out what enhancements and discounts you qualify for by completing our confidential enquiry form.