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Best For: UK SIPP offering

Products & Costs: UK SIPP - £400 set up & £400 annually.
Service: 8.7/10 – Very good processing times, good phone support.
Overall: 7.1/10 – Not a favoured provider - their lack of multi jurisdictional offerings results in fewer options going forwards and the pricing is not significantly cheaper than others in the same area.

Main Positives: Edinburgh based SIPP makes this less open to future structural changes than some 'international' SIPPs.

Main Negatives: ​Lack of options

Company Overview:

Forthplus Pensions is an Edinburgh based, FCA regulated SIPP provider with products and systems developed exclusively for fully regulated Independent Financial Advisers.

A secure, quality SIPP backed by a simple to use online system with a range of useful tools made available including calculators, guides and printable illustrations to aid in the sales process.

Our ethos is simple. We aim to provide the best quality product supported by outstanding customer service through automation with the highest standards of professionalism and to never stop growing and adapting to the market.