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Portfolio Review

Best For: Regular savings over 5-10 years, 5 years especially. Decent for Lump Sum Investments.

Lump Sum Investments

Cost: 8/10 - They are one of the better options in terms of overall costs.
Service: 7/10 – Reasonably good processing times and helpful phone service.
Overall: 7.5/10 – A good option where others are not available as they have excellent global coverage.

Regular Savings

Cost: 7/10 – The cost of the regular savings is slightly higher than some but very competitive for terms of 5-10 years.
Service: 8/10 – Reasonably good processing times and helpful phone service.
Overall: 7/10 – Very good for investment in the 5-10 year time range as long as you maintain payments.

Company Overview:

Pedigree - Generali International Limited is part of Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A. and, therefore, part of the Generali Group.

 Strength - The Group's truly global reach provides Generali International with a solid foundation for its activities that is the envy of its competitors.

 Expertise - Long-established in the international financial services field and a specialist arm of the Generali Group, Generali International offers a sophisticated and flexible range of life insurance-based wealth management solutions to help their customers around the world achieve their financial ambitions, while providing the benefits that come with its international status.

 Presence - Generali International is located worldwide, with its Head Office in Guernsey and offices in Hong Kong, Ireland, Cyprus and Singapore.

 Generali International can help you to make the most of your opportunities in life by providing the means for you to accumulate wealth when you can, to use when you need it most.

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