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Life Insurance

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M4020 YearsNo€300,000
Not Selected€55.95
M4020 YearsNo€300,000
F4020 YearsYes€300,000
Not Selected€68.52
F4020 YearsYes€300,000
M3530 YearsNo€300,000
Not Selected€53.75
F5015 YearsNo€300,000
Not Selected€65.00

Protect your loved ones with a life assurance policy! Get a free, no obligation quote below.

Life insurance provides financial protection to your dependents by paying a lump sum if you die within the term of the policy. When you take out life insurance, you’ll need to decide how much cover you need and who the payout will go to. A term-life policy will run for a fixed term that you specify when you take out the policy. Should you die during that term then a payout will be made. 

People will often take out a life insurance policy to coincide with an important life event such as buying a new home or having a child. This is so that loans can be repaid and loss of income replaced in the event of your death. The UK government recommend you have life insurance to cover any outstanding debt plus 10x to 15x your annual income.

A life insurance policy can be combined with other products such as critical illness insurance and/or disability benefit but remains the main product for ensuring your family’s financial security. Below pricing is indicative only based on inputs as shown and a specfic quote should be requested: