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Best For: Those looking specifically for a Luxembourg domiciled investment or with £2m + to invest.

Lump Sum Investments

Cost: 7/10 - They are one of the more expensive options for Lump Sum Investments unless investing in excess of one million.
Service: 4/10 – Poor customer service generally although trading desk is very good.
Overall: 6/10 – Unless you have one million plus go elsewhere heavy restrictions on investment choice and poor service levels dominate until you have enough money for them to be bothered. Ratings improve significantly when investing in excess of one million.

Company Overview:

Lombard International Assurance does not market directly to its end clients but collaborates with a strong international distribution network of private banks, wealth managers and independent financial advisers.

Lombard International Assurance is based in Luxembourg, where it ranks as the leading life assurance company.With a branch in Milan as well as offices in Zurich,  Geneva, Lugano and Rome, we offer wealth management solutions to international high-net worth clients.

We offer our solutions in all major European markets, as well as in Asia and Latin America, supported by locally-based Marketing Consultants.  This geographic diversity ensures that we are not dependent on any one market and our business structure is well balanced.

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