Investment Bond Offshore

A lump sum or single investment is a popular choice for those who have accumulated capital on deposit and wish to find a long term home for their money. A regular savings platform is suitable for those who are looking to save on a monthly or quarterly basis to build capital or save for a specific goal, e.g. retirement. For expats, offshore investments represent an excellent and often tax efficient option. Whether you are looking to invest for income or for growth, access the whole of the market for the most appropriate investment solution for you. The specific benefits of a lump sum or regular investment depend upon your individual circumstances and are suitable for investors with a variety of objectives.

Providing you with a single, long-term investment or a vehicle to receive regular monthly contributions, an Offshore Investment Bond, Lump Sum Investment Platform or regular saving account can:

- Maximise growth prospects
- Spread risk 
- Allow for superior investment choice from around the world
- Give you the option of a regular and predictable 'income' 
- Allow you to switch between funds easily
- Reduce your personal liability to Income and Capital Gains Taxes
- Provide virtually tax-free investment growth in most countries
- Ensure greater control over how much, and when, tax is paid
- Give you access to reputable jurisdictions all with regulations to protect investors
- Provide suitable investment for individuals, trustees and companies

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Lump Sum Investments & Regular Savings - Overview

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