Best For: International UK SIPP

Products & Costs:  Malta QROPS - Momentum Malta Retirement Trust, £645 set up, £895 annually.

Gibraltar QROPS - Momentum Gibraltar Retirement Trust, £645 set up, £895 annually.

International SIPP (UK) - £300 set up, £500 annually.
Service: 8.6/10 – Good processing times, very fast response to phone and email.
Overall: 7.8/10 – A very good trustee with the option to switch jurisdictions without charge, however, their reputation has been muddied by the CWM issues.

Main Positives: Longevity in the industry and still a key player despite recent issues. Tight compliance. 

Main Negatives: The well documented issues with CWM clients and some negative press.

Company Overview:

Momentum are pension specialists and independent Pension Trustees and they look after clients from all walks of life & from all corners of the globe. Momentum Pensions works in conjunction with financial advisers to find the best solution to meet your long term goals. They appreciate you’ve worked hard to create a lifestyle that you want to maintain through your retirement. They deliver pension solutions across multiple jurisdictions, and offer a complete range of products for both individuals and corporates. They provide dedicated pension solutions that offer a comprehensive range of investment options.

Unfortunately the much publicised issues with Continental Wealth Managements clients in Spain, with pension losses of clients the result of forgery on behalf of the financial advisory firm who were placing clients with momentum, has effected Momentums previously sterling reputation. Arguably now they are the strictest, most compliant and most risk adverse trustee in the international space if you can look past the bad press.

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