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Portfolio Management

People will have different investment objectives depending on whether they are looking to grow capital, preserve capital or produce income. We have found many clients offshore are losing money on their investments when working with their existing adviser. 

Professional portfolio management will ensure that you are aware of the different investment opportunities available to you. These include:

- Bank deposits and money market funds
- Guaranteed Investments
- Fixed Income
- Investment funds
- Property
- Discretionary portfolio management services
- Alternative investments
- Private Equity

Your personal financial situation may be extremely complex. Your assets may include property, shares, funds and cash therefore managing your assets can prove extremely costly in terms of administration and time.

Effective portfolio management helps you to analyse your objectives, risk profile, tax position and liquidity requirements.

An adviser can help to agree what assets to include in the portfolio and monitor this on an on-going basis, taking into account changing economic conditions.

They will also work with you in deciding what assets to purchase, how many to purchase, when to purchase them, and what assets to divest including explanation all of the associated risks.

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​​Portfolio Management - Overview

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