QROPS Bonus Offer - Enquire Now or Get A Quote 

Thinking of transferring your UK pension into a QROPS? Our preferred network of independent, regulated and qualified advisers are ready to help with an exclusive bonus offer for clients referred by myexpatmoney

Our preferred network offer enhancements of up to 3% additional bonus on top of your UK pension transfer value. So if you have a transfer value of £250,000 and use our preferred network of qualified advisers then £257,500 would be in your new QROPS pension on day 1. You can also choose to reduce your fee structure with the provider instead of taking the bonus payments which can result in a fee reduction of up to 0.4% per annum.​ Our Preferred Advisers Are Here To Help...Simply complete the form, then click "Submit"...Receive your Bonus Offer and illustration for your QROPS transfer.

Over 1,000 people have already received help completing their QROPS pension transfer through the myexpatmoney preferred adviser network.