Offshore Investment

Best For: Lump Sum Investments. Regular savings 15yrs +

Lump Sum Investments

Cost: 9/10 – Fee structures can be customized to suit client’s needs. No ongoing custodian fees.
Service: 8/10 – Reasonably good processing times and helpful phone service, online dealing.
Overall: 9/10 – A good option with excellent global coverage.

Regular Savings

Cost: 7/10 – The cost of the regular savings is good. Better for terms of longer than 10 years, very good for clients that may want to reduce or suspend premiums as missed payment fees are not charged.
Service: 8/10 – Reasonably good processing times and helpful phone service, online dealing.
Overall: 8/10 – Very good for investment over longer time range, good flexibility.

Company Overview:

We are a genuinely global business with an experienced workforce focusing on the needs of our customers to deliver solutions others may be blind to. We’re based in the offshore financial stronghold of the Isle of Man, from where we do business in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the UK, and we look after some $4 billion in assets for our clients*. We’re 200 people strong – that’s more than 200 dedicated specialists committed to delivering customer satisfaction.

The offshore advantage - As an international business based offshore on the Isle of Man, one of the perks of investing with us is greater scope for tax efficiency.

An investment in an offshore bond is not subject to any ongoing tax in the Isle of Man.

This means you can manage your investments within the offshore bond without having to worry about tax charges arising each time you restructure your portfolio. Though we structure bonds as long-term investments, an offshore bond also lets you get hold of your money relatively easily if you need to when compared to other investment structures that may impose restrictions.

In short: by investing with us offshore, you can get to hold onto more of your money. You can also access a wider range of investment opportunities than may be available to residents of certain jurisdictions.

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