QROPS Transfer

Best For: QROPS holding unusual assets.

Products & Costs: Malta QROPS - £0 set up and £790 annually.

​UK SIPP (via London & Colonial) - £350 set up and £550 annually.
Service: 6.9/10 – Processing times can be rather slow at times as they favour one or two firms, especially where complex cases are being processed.
Overall: 7.1/10 – Can be a reasonable option but it certainly feels there are better options out there.

Main positives: They offer a discount deal where husband and wife both use STM for their QROPS which can significantly reduce costs.

Main negatives: Historically have been associated with a company with a rather poor reputation in the industry and although it's no longer the case there is still some hangover.

Company Overview:

STM Group Plc is a business listed on the London AIM in March 2007. The business was formed as a strategic investment company specifically to build a leading financial services group operating in the international corporate and trustee service provider (CTSPs) sector.

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