Forth Plus Pensions Review

Best For: UK SIPP offering

Jurisdiction: UK

Products & Costs: UK SIPP - £400 set up & £400 annually.
Service: 8.7/10 – Very good processing times, good phone support.
Overall: 7.9/10 – Their lack of multi jurisdictional offerings results in fewer options going forwards and the pricing is not significantly cheaper than others in the same area.

Main Positives: UK (Edinburgh) based SIPP makes this less open to future structural changes than some 'international' SIPPs.

Main Negatives: ​Lack of options if a SIPP becomes unsuitable in future.

Company Overview:

Forthplus Pensions is an Edinburgh based, FCA regulated SIPP provider with products and systems developed exclusively for fully regulated Independent Financial Advisers.

A secure, quality SIPP backed by a simple to use online system with a range of useful tools made available including calculators, guides and printable illustrations to aid in the sales process.