Friends Provident Review

Best For: 10-15 year regular savings / retirement plans. Smaller lump sum investments (less than £50k)

Domiciled: Isle Of Man

Lump Sum Investments

Cost: 6.9/10 - They are one of the more expensive options for Lump Sum Investments.
Service: 4.2/10 – Poor, no online switching but email responses fairly quick.
Overall: 5.9/10 – Not a horrible option overall but better available.

Available Investments: Individual Equities, Funds, ETF's, Cash

Regular Savings

Cost: 5.8/10 - They are one of the more expensive options for regular premiums with some heavy penalties for reduction of premiums.
Service: 4.2/10 – Reasonably good processing times, no online switching but email ok.
Overall: 5/10 – Good for investment in the 10-15 year time range as long as you maintain payments.

Main Positives: A solid name in the industry

Main Negatives: ​Lack of products, recent buy out (by RL360) influence yet to be seen.

Company Overview:

A company that has lots of legacy clients, however, the market has moved on now and Friends Prvident have all but pulled out of most markets globally. If you have a FPI plan or are thinking about starting one there are better options available.