Novia Platform & Novia SIPP Pension Review

Best For: Low cost pension transfers - especially under £100,000 and those seeking clean, transparent charging structures.

Products & Costs: UK SIPP - £0 set up and £180 per annum.

Novia Global Investment Account: 0.3% per annum

Service: 8.6/10 – A new player in the International SIPP space but so far, so good.
Overall: 8.4/10 – Very good pricing so a great solution for smaller transfer values, however, no choice of underlying platform as you have to use the Novia Global Platform which is fee only so may not suit everyone. However, the Novia platform is a strong product for straight investments so this restriction is not necessarily bad.

 Main positives: Price, much cheaper than the rest of the market.

Main Negatives: Clients must use the Novia Global Platform to hold the assets under the SIPP incurring additional costs. Fee only approach mean likely deductions to transfer values / amount invested on entry.

Company Overview:

Novia Global provides a wealth management service for Advisers, Private Banks, Trust Companies and their clients. It is completely independent with a focus on providing a sophisticated investment platform that delivers the opportunity for growth, control, and flexible asset selection. The SIPP allows easy access for pension money into the platform. The platfrom is a clean, simple platform with no tie in's or restrictions on withdrawal.