Sovereign Pensions Preview

Best For: General quality and strength of the trustees.

Jurisdictions: ​Malta, Gibraltar & UK 

Products & Costs: Malta QROPS - Sovereign Centaurus Retirement Benefit Scheme Malta, €800 set up, €1,100 annually.

Gibraltar QROPS - Sovereign Calpe Retirement Benefit Scheme Gibraltar, £750 set up, £900 annually.

International SIPP UK, £300 set up, £500 annually.

Jursidictions: Gibraltar, Malta, UK and Isle Of Man
Service: 8.8/10 – Good processing times, good phone support, excellent technical knowledge.
Overall: 8.6/10 – Not the cheapest but that is not always a bad thing. Good quality products with a long history of running trustee functions across multiple jurisdictions.
Main positives: Good flexibility as they allow free transfers across their UK SIPP, International SIPP, Gibraltar QROPS & Malta QROPS propositions. 

Longevitiy in the sector.

Main Negatives: Cost to an extent.

Company Overview:

Sovereign Retirement Planning provides retirement solutions that offer choice, transparency and portability across multiple jurisdictions. Their reputation for excellence in pension scheme administration and record of innovation and technical expertise have propelled them to become a market leader in the transfer and provision of international pension schemes. When combined with the technical knowledge of their in-house specialists and qualified actuaries, this means that Sovereign can cater for any alterations to a member’s situation over time.