STM Life review

Best For: Lump Sum Investments that hold private company shares or property. Good platforms for tax planning solutions for Spain & Germany.

Jurisdiction: Malta and Gibraltar

Available Investments: Individual Equities, Funds, ETF's, Cash, Property, Private Company Shares.

Lump Sum Investments

Cost: 7.9/10 Very reasonable given tax benefits
Service: 6.8/10 – Reasonable processing times but can be slower where cases are more complex.
Overall: 7.6/10 – Very good and especially good for unusual cases.

 Main Positives: Their country specific solutions are very smartly put together for Spain & Germany.

Main Negatives: Their service levels can be wanting on occasion.

Company Overview:

STM Group Plc is a business listed on the London AIM in March 2007. They have an innovative range of country secific solutions  available that often have tax benefits attached forthe investor. Their prior association with Devere has done them no favours but that is no longerthe case and no reason to stay awau in our opinion.