Cost Saving Based on £250,000
Product / Provider

Typical Total

Annual Cost (*1)

Cost Saving via

MEM Network (*2)

Sovereign Malta QROPS

with RL360 Bond

3.38% per yearSave £35,750!

Investors Trust Access

800 Bond

3.25% per yearSave £36,750!

Capital Platforms (Moventum)

Investment Account 

3.6% per yearSave £45,500!

Forth Plus SIPP with

International Bond

3.41% per yearSave £40,750!

*1 - Typical Total Annual Cost includes:

- Trustee Annual and Set Up Charges (where applicable)

- Annual Product/Provider Charges

- Typical Annual Adviser Charges

- Typical Cost Of Annual Underlying Fund Charges

*2 - Cost Saving Is Based Over A 10 Year Period

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