Utmost Wealth (Generali) Review

Best For: Regular savings over 5-10 years, 5 years especially. Decent for Lump Sum Investments.

Jurisdiction: ​Guernsey and Ireland.

Lump Sum Investments - Utmost Personal Portfolio Bond

Cost: 6.6/10 - Generally on the more expensive side.
Service: 6.8/10 – Service is ratherhit and miss especially post buy out by Utmost.
Overall: 6.7/10 – Certainly an option but the feeling is there is better available now.

Available Investments: Individual Equities, Funds, ETF's, Cash

Regular Savings - Utmost Vision

Cost: 6.8/10 – The cost of the regular savings is slightly higher than some but very competitive for terms of 5-10 years.
Service: 7.2/10 – Reasonably good processing times and helpful phone service.
Overall: 6.9/10 – Very good for investment in the 5-10 year time range as long as you maintain payments. Restrictive availability reduces score.

Main Positives: A long time feature in the offshore industry means lots of experience

Main Negatives: A bad reputation and relatively expensive

Company Overview:

The Group's truly global reach provides Generali International with a solid foundation for its activities, Long-established in the international financial services field and a specialist arm of the Generali Group, Generali International offers a sophisticated and flexible range of life insurance-based wealth management solutions to help their customers around the world achieve their financial ambitions, while providing the benefits that come with its international status.